Stock Trading

A stock market, equity market, or share market is a gathering of both buyers and sellers of stocks (also known as shares), which reflect the ownership claims of the businesses.

These may also include securities listed on a public stock exchange and also stock which is only traded privately, such as shares of private businesses sold to investors via equity crowdfunding platforms. Generally, investments are done with an investment goal in mind.

How Does Stock Trading or Stock Market Work?

Share trading is mostly done on stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the London Stock Exchange (LSE) (LSE). The exchanges allow for the smooth buying and selling of shares amongst the parties involved.

What Moves Stock Markets

Financial forces cause stock trading prices to fluctuate daily. This means that share prices fluctuate due to supply and demand. When more people prefer to buy a stock than sell it (demand), the price peaks. The price movement of a company’s stock on an exchange is mostly influenced by stock supply and demand.

How Shares are Supplied?

Any company’s available shares are restricted and regulated by the company’s decision to release more or buy back some stock to lower the supply. If a corporation issues additional stock but demand does not increase to match the increased supply, the share price is likely to fall. A buyback, on the contrary side, will almost certainly enhance the company’s share price if there is no corresponding drop in demand.

How the Share Demand Increases

The demand for the company’s stock price might change due to a variety of factors, which are given below:

Revenue Reports

The content of quarterly revenue statements and other key statements has an impact on the company’s share price, as traders and investors predict its performance based on in-depth research.

External aspects

Macroeconomic factors, like GDP, retail sales, oil inventory records, interest rates, and Fed meeting results, have a significant impact on the stock market.


Comments from a significant investor or influencer that are not supported by basic research may cause stock market fluctuations


The increased use of electronic trading and real-time technical analytical techniques powered by algorithms, assists traders in identifying opportunities, triggering share price movement.

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