Commodity Trading

For thousands of years, commodities have been exchanged. They were previously traded physically. Commodity trading now takes place on global platforms such as the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). To trade commodities, you must first open an account with a trading platform that provides access to commodity markets.

Commodities trading in Dubai, UAE is simple with Kanak Capital Markets. The KCM Commodity Trading platform is simple to use and allows traders and investors to trade a variety of commodities.

What Are Commodities In Trading

Metal Trading

Gold and silver have been used as valuable metals for centuries, and have even been treasured by ancient civilizations. Precious metals still have a place in a savvy investor’s portfolio today. Gold and silver are valuable metals that have been used for centuries as a form of currency. Although gold is the most common investment in the precious metals sector, it isn’t the only one out there for investors.

Silver, platinum, and palladium are all commodities that can be added to your precious metals portfolio, and each has its own unique risks and opportunities.

Precious metals are one way to diversify an investor’s portfolio and act as a hedge against inflation. When it comes to investing in the stock market, there are several factors that contribute to such volatility, including supply, demand, and geopolitical issues. Investing in physical metal is a very rewarding experience for investors and provides many investment opportunities.

Energy Trading

Energy trading is an asset trading that relies on production, demand, and price forecasting to optimize revenue created from energy production. It is a financial market activity that relies on production, demand, and price forecasting to optimize revenue created from energy production. In this energy trading, traders buy and sell energy contracts that specify the delivery of a certain amount of energy over a specific period of time.

Aside from production forecasts, energy traders analyze pricing and demand trends in order to determine the ideal strategy for bidding in the energy market (for solar and other sources). 

Additionally, traders assume the responsibility for producing energy and inherit any risks associated with trading an asset on the market. Risks include revenue losses from under and over-production of your project.

Benefits Commodity Trading

Intrinsic value

Hedge against inflation

International liquidity

Trading Gold and Precious Metals

The value of gold has been highly valued for centuries. It is an important element in many financial markets and has traditionally been associated with monetary wealth.

On the financial markets, precious metals investments tend to hold their value over long periods of time. Thus they provide a long-term safe haven for commodity traders.

Factors affecting precious metals’ prices:

  • Supply and Demand: With more demand, prices for the precious metal increase whereas when there is a lack of interest in the metal, its value decreases.
  • Value of the U.S. Dollar: As the precious metals are dollar-denominated their price is generally inversely related to the value of the US dollar.
  • Inflation: The price of precious metals rises or falls in response to inflation, or a rise or fall in demand. Inflation is generally a factor that drives up the prices of precious metals.
  • Industrial demand: If technology and industrial use for gold, such as jewelry and electronics, continues and increases, then the price of precious metals will rise. Investing in precious metals is one way to hedge against market volatility, political uncertainty, and economic collapse. It can also be an important part of a diversified long-term investment portfolio.

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